FIS Learning Solutions

about 1 year agoOctober 8, 2020
Sound is way too loud
Gabrielle Rabon
11 months agoDecember 8, 2020
This is confusing
Dave Spitz
10 months agoDecember 14, 2020
do not understand the purpose of this
Jean Davis
10 months agoDecember 15, 2020
Not sure what the purpose was
Laura Wiesmueller
10 months agoDecember 15, 2020
This is a confusing presentation.  Not well put together - portions of the course ended and it wasn't clear.   Didn't mark it completed?  Not a fan.
Kevin Carroll
10 months agoDecember 15, 2020
Not sure why or the purpose of taking time out of my day to complete this. Please point out what I must have missed here???
Lupe DeChene
10 months agoDecember 28, 2020
S.P.O.T. Product Workbook - Product Research Team Members - Taking the classes...FIS Academy Section is a bit confusing.  Keeps looping to same video without any real content.
7 months agoMarch 23, 2021
was too loud and confusing
Liz McNeill
5 months agoJune 3, 2021
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